Thekra Mohamed


Thekra Mohamed, also spelled Thikra, Zekra or Zikra, was born in Tunisia, but became famous across the Middle East, including Libya, for her singing. In 1980, she performed in the TV show “Fan Wa Mawahib” (Arabic: فن و مواهب), which impressed the judges and she joined the show’s chorus. In 1983 she released her first song and performed at the Carthage festival. 

Therka then moved to Libya, where she released many songs written and composed by great Libyan poets and composers such as “Mohammed Hassan”, “Ali Al Kailani”, “Abdullah Al Mansoor” and “Salman Al Tarhooni”. Her last Libyan release album was the album “Nafsi Azeeza” written by the poet “Salman Al Tarhooni” and that album won best performing and lyrics in Sharm Al Shaikh, Egypt festival. 

She went on to have several widely successful albums in Egypt and the Arab world, including “Wehyati Andak” in 1995 and “As’har Ma’ah Sertak” in 1997. 


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