The Green Book: The Solution to the Problems of Democracy; the Social Basis to the Third Universal Theory

Qasr Abu Hadi, Libya

Author: Muammar Gaddafi

Originally published in 1975, Gaddafi’s Green Book is a short outline of his political manifesto for Libya. In the text Gaddafi turns on liberal democracy and capitalism and instead proposes his Third Universal Theory, a system of peoples’ committees to form a democratic framework of “Islamic socialism”. The text was mandatory reading for all young people from first grade to tertiary level education. Under Gaddafi’s rule, Libyans could be prosecuted or even executed for not possessing the book or criticising its contents. The decades of authoritarian rule under Gaddafi have made this text a representation of the lack of freedom Libyans had under his rule. Since the end of Gaddafi’s regime thousands of copies of the book have been burned. As it was mandatory reading for all Libyans, the book was widely influential and remains an important piece of history for study and observation today.  


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