Tanarout is an art centre in Benghazi that came into prominence in 2015. The space was lent to Hosam Athani so that he, and his friend Mohamed al Trhoni, could open a nonprofit cultural hub. The name Tanarout is the Amazigh word for a valley in the Libyan Sahara; they chose this word in solidarity with the Amazigh indigenous peoples who were marginalised and persecuted under Gaddafi. The intention of the founding of the building was to have a space for residents to express themselves in an artistic way as a form of therapy. The centre focusses on photography, literature, visual art and music.  

Unfortunately, the Tanarout centre has had to close their doors, however, Tanarout continue to be active in their celebration of Libyan creativity on their online platforms: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Source: Libya Herald CorrespondentBenghazi: Tanarout where art is reborn, 2017  

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