Shahhat, Libya

In the past the city of Shahhat was known as Qurina. Qurainiya, the eastern region of Libya where Qurina laid, derived its name from this city.  The city was founded by Greek explorers who reached it in the year 631 AD. The city reached the summit of its commercial and agricultural prosperity during the fourth century BC. It became a Roman territory in 96 BC and was formally transformed into a Roman province in 74 BC. The territory came under Byzantine rule in the year 324 AD and then Islamic rule in the year 635 AD. 

Many landmarks and remnants of the ancient city can still be seen to this day, making it one of the top archaeological destinations in Libya. These sites include Greek baths, the Temple of Apollo, many Roman statues, the outer wall dating back to the second century AD, and Byzantine churches.  

The area of Cyrene, including the city of Shahhat, was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1982.  


ليبيا وطني‬ الــــرائع – شحات ليبيا, Shahhat Libya 

مدينة شحات في ليبيا, Shahhat City in Libya  

UNESCO, Archaeological Site of Cyrene 

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