Mohamed Al-Zawawi


Mohamed Al-Zawawi was born in Benghazi and is considered a pioneer of Libyan cartoons. He began working as a graphic artist in 1961 and later moved into drawing and cartoons. His comics centred around everyday life have appeared in magazines and newspapers like at-Tawra and Al Amal.  His cartoons usually present observations on Libyan society, culture and everyday life in a comical way, with a strong emphasis on the common man. Some of his cartoons directly address the danger of producing art in Libya, while others criticize the United Nations and the role of oil in world politics.  

Al-Zawawi received much acclaim in the Arab world and is considered the father of Libyan cartoons, comics and animation.  

To see examples of his work, click here.  


Lambiek Comiclopedia, Mohamed Al-Zawawi  

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