Madrasa ‘Uthman Pasha

Shari' Arbaa Arsat, Tripoli, Tripolitania

The Madrasa ‘Uthman Pasha is a building complex consisting of a mosque, tomb and cemetery, built in 1649-1672 in an Ottoman style.

The building was restored recently with the personal funds of the Libyan theologian and diplomat, Aref Ali Nayed (create link to Aref Ali Nayed page in literature) in his philanthropic desire to offer cultural and educational spaces for Libyans in Tripoli. It has been named the “haven of scholarship” and houses over 400 years ofLibyan historical records.

Today the Madrasa is the centre for the traditional teachings covering theology, logic, grammar, scripture and law. The complex has also opened its doors to students, offering simple accommodation close to the newly restored national library as well as the other facilities of the complex.  Its goal is to be a spiritual and intellectual centre in Tripoli that offers academic access to all.

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