Laila Neihoum


Laila Neihoum is a journalist, poet, editor and translator from Libya. She was the first Libyan author to join the prestigious International Writers Program at the University of Iowa. She has contributed works to Libyan magazines (Albajal, Almouatamer) and has just released a short-story collection of poems by young Libyans, Teseneon. (Joris & Tengour 2013, 383).  

The themes of her work include short stories, poetry, modern, women, politics, and nostalgia.  


“O My Libya” 

“Butterflies of Meaning” 


Words Without Borders, Laila Neihoum 

Words Without Borders MagazineNeihoum, L.Butterflies of Meaning, 2006  

Words Without Borders MagazineNeihoum, L., O My Libya2011 

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