Hisham Matar

Tripoli, Libya

Hisham Matar is an American-Libyan writer who has published novels, journal articles, and think pieces since the early 2000s. He openly opposed the regime and his works, written in English, have become internationally renowned for their anti-Gaddafi tone.

His works often discuss the sociopolitical situation of Libya and the disappearance of his father during the Gaddafi regime. He has published three memoirs, which are dedicated to different parts of this incident.

His second novel, The Return, which follows his journey back to Libya 25 years after the disappearance of his father, won the Pulitzer and the Folio in 2016. He continues to write today and just released his latest novel, A Month in Siena (2019).

A Month in Siena (2019)
The Return (2016)
Anatomy of a Disappearance (2011)
In the Country of Men (2006)

Watch Matar’s interview with Louise Steinman on America’s relationship to other histories, 2016.

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