Hassan Uraibi


Hassan Uraibi (also spelled Arabi, Araibi, Araiby, or Oraibi) was born in Tripoli, Libya. He was a Libyan composer and one of the pioneers of Libyan music, performing Andalusian music, also known as Malouf.  

During his lifetime he has received many prestigious medals and awards, as well as chairing various positions in Libya and the Arab world, such as the Arabic Music Board and Libyan Music Festival. He opened the Libyan Radio in Benghazi in 1959, where he met the late singer Mohamed Sedky, who discovered his musical talent in advance of his first songs “keef nowsfok lel naas”, to join the music department Broadcasting as a technical consultant. He also worked with several Libyan and Arab singers, including: Attia Mohsen, Ibrahim Hefzi, the Egyptian Suad Mohamed, Hoda Sultan, Nazik, and the Tunisian Alia and Neama. 

After his return to Tripoli, he founded the Malouf and  Muwashhat  Ensemble on the radio in 1964.  


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