Hagallah, Libyan folklore dance

Hagallah is a famous dance that includes a single woman, her performing visage and requires her head covered, it is used to perform at matrimonial ceremonies. Hagallah has been compared to Western belly dance style, however, Hagallah focusses on hips, legs and arm movements as well (Morgan et al 2012, 130).

The dance represents cultural unity to the core as it is performed on special occasions. The female dancer does a stable walk and takes little steps, she carries either a small stick or a handkerchief, a member from the brides family usually takes part in the performance. Sometimes a connoisseur is hired for the performance and she goes down on her knees while performing. Hagallah dance gives the woman a chance to showcase her beauty, charm and power.


Libya Travel & Tours, Folklore Dancing
Morgan, J., Falola, T., and Oyeniyi, B., Culture and Customs of Libya, 2012

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