Arwa Abouon


Abouon was born in 1982 in Tripoli, Lybia, to parents of Amazigh roots. She and her family moved to Canada where she received a BFA with distinction, majoring in Design from Concordia University in 2007. Abouon began work as a photographer, with the goal to “sculpt a finer appreciation of the Islamic culture by shifting the focus from political issues to a poetic celebration of faith’s foundations.” 

The themes in her work address the experiences she has had as a female artist living and working between cultures and “show how a single person’s ‘double vision’ can produce images that possess much wider social effects by collapsing racial, cultural and religious borders.” 

Abouon’s work has been displayed internationally at galleries in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, and Middle East. She has held solo shows in London (Print Studio, 2015), Sharjah (Islamic Arts Festival, 2014) and Sabhan, Kuwait (Sultan Gallery, 2014). 

One of her most famous works is, “I’m Sorry, I Forgive You”. To see this and other pieces of her work, click here.  


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